1 Billion Disappearing Crabs

The Mysterious Disappearance of Snow Crabs 

Warmer Oceans and Starving Crabs 

A Troubling Revelation Warmer ocean temperatures are linked to the starvation of snow crabs. Discover the scientific findings that connect the dots between climate change and this ecological mystery.

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A Season Canceled Twice 

Conservation in Crisis The gravity of the situation as the Alaska Department of Fish and Game canceled the crab harvest season for the second consecutive year. Explore the challenges faced by conservation efforts.

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Marine Heat Waves and Snow Crab Decline 

When Data Leaves Scientists Stunned Dive into the groundbreaking study by scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Explore their findings, and witness the shock experienced by lead author Cody Szuwalski.

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Overfishing vs. Climate Change 

A Climate Change Wake-Up Call The debate surrounding the role of overfishing and the overwhelming influence of climate change. Discover how climate change has disrupted traditional conservation strategies.

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Searching for Answers 

The Impact of Warmer Water Delve into the scientists' quest for answers, including whether snow crabs moved or perished. Understand the role of population density and rising temperatures in the grim reality of higher crab mortality rates.

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