Hades: Exclusive on Netflix!

Is Hades on Netflix? Lets Discover the exclusive release details on this popular game.

Netflix's Gaming Vision

Exploring Netflix's commitment to quality gaming, from Oxenfree to Hextech Mayhem, leading up to its latest gaming gem, Hades 

What's Hades All About? 

Hades, an isometric dungeon crawler roguelike, following Zagreus's journey to escape his father's realm

Charm Beyond Gameplay 

Delving into the charm of Hades: the deep relationships, beautiful moments, and the game's distinct personality

Hades: From PC to Mobile 

Tracing Hades' history from its PC debut to the exclusive launch on Netflix's mobile platform

Netflix and Hades: The Reach

Insights into the limited iOS release, reflecting on the positive impact despite its platform exclusivity.