WhatsApp is a vital tool for connecting with loved ones, but it also raises questions about blocking. 

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Blocking on WhatsApp doesn't notify directly. Look for undelivered messages, failed calls, hidden 'Last Seen,' or unchanged profile pics. 

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Blocked messages show a single gray tick, meaning they're sent but not delivered. This is a strong sign of a shift in your communication. 

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Unanswered calls and hidden 'Last Seen' could be signs of being blocked. But, these can also be due to privacy settings. 

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A static profile picture may suggest blocking, but it's not a definitive clue. 

Blocked people can't join groups you're in, hinting at blocking. However, this isn't always conclusive. 

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WhatsApp respects privacy and doesn't notify blocked users. If you suspect you're blocked, respect their decision. Blocking is a silent act, and silence can speak volumes.