GTA 6: Your Complete Handbook to Rockstar's Latest Epic 

grand theft auto 6 map

The highly-anticipated GTA 6 is generating considerable buzz with the news that its map will be set in a modern-day rendition of Vice City.  

grand theft auto 6 release date

The gaming community eagerly awaits the announcement of GTA 6's release date, with expectations shifting toward a potential reveal after the second quarter of 2024 or, possibly, sometime in 2025 

gta 6 developer

Rockstar Games Rockstar North

gta 6 budget

Estimates for Rockstar Games' budget for the upcoming title vary, with some sources suggesting around $1 billion, while others speculate it might exceed $2 billion. This marks a significant increase compared to the previous title's budget of $265 million 

grand theft auto 6 gameplay

As per information from a post on an account named 'GTA 6 News,' Rockstar's forthcoming addition to the Grand Theft Auto series is expected to provide a gameplay experience lasting approximately 400 hours. 

GTA 6 leak real 

Rockstar has officially verified the authenticity of the leaked GTA 6 gameplay footage, providing us with a clearer understanding of the city and the game's setting. 

grand theft auto 6 system requirements

Memory: 16 GB Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 CPU: Intel Core i7-8700K File Size: 150 GB OS: up to Windows 11