Smartwatch Showdown 

Unveiling the Top 5 Smartwatches Picks in India 

October 2023 

Exploring the Best Smartwatches in India 

Join us as we delve into the world of smartwatches, comparing the top 5 options available in India in October 2023. From premium to budget-friendly, find the perfect wrist companion 

source : unsplash

Apple Watch Ultra 

Priced at ₹82,999, the Apple Watch Ultra sets a new standard in premium smartwatches. Discover its cutting-edge features and impeccable design 

source : Apple

OnePlus Watch 

For ₹16,999, the OnePlus Watch combines fashion and functionality, delivering a premium experience without breaking the bank 

source : oneplus

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Apple Watch Series 8 

At ₹41,999, the Apple Watch Series 8 continues to impress with its remarkable features and iconic Apple craftsmanship 

source : Apple

Galaxy Watch 

Priced at ₹13,999, the Galaxy Watch from Samsung offers a galaxy of features and a legacy of excellence in one stunning package 

source : google