Pokemon GO Harvest Festival 

Get ready for a thrilling adventure in the world of Pokemon GO as the Harvest Festival brings Halloween spooks and brand-new creatures. From October 12 to October 17, 2023, this event offers a chance to catch exclusive Pokemon. 

Pumpkaboo: A Spooky Addition 

Meet Pumpkaboo, a special addition to Pokemon GO's Halloween event. This unique Pokemon, introduced during the 2023 Pokemon GO Fest, now graces the game globally 

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Arboliva: The Grass and Normal Marvel 

Get ready to welcome Arboliva, the Grass- and Normal-type Pokemon. With a max Combat Power (CP) of 3,345, it brings versatility to your Pokemon roster, making it a valuable asset for PvP battles. Explore the uniqueness of this new addition. 

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Shiny Female Combee: A Battle Gem 

Shiny Female Combee and its potential in the Pokemon GO Battle League. Evolve it into Vespiqueen for a powerful battle companion. Learn about the stats to maximize its performance. 

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Flabébé: The Tiny Fairy Pokemon 

Flabébé is an enchanting Fairy-type Pokemon that made its debut in the sixth generation of the Pokemon series. This delicate creature is known for its tiny size and unique characteristic of carrying a single flower wherever it goes 

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Shiny Cottonee: Whimsical Pokemon 

Shiny Cottonee is a delightful and rare variant of the Cotton Puff Pokemon, Cottonee. Known for its distinctive appearance and vibrant colors, Shiny Cottonee is a prized find for Pokemon trainers and collectors. 

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