VOICE REPORTING IN FORTNITE: Catalyst for a New Epoch in Online Gaming Security 2023


Welcome, Fortnite enthusiasts! Today marks a monumental leap in online gaming safety as we unveil an innovative feature – Voice Reporting in Fortnite. This article takes you through the ins and outs of this game-changing tool, exploring its functions, impact, and the steps players can take to ensure a gaming experience free from harassment, bullying, and inappropriate conduct.

The Need for Voice Reporting in Fortnite

In the ever-evolving landscape of online gaming, fostering a respectful and fair gaming environment is crucial. With the surge in voice chat interactions, the demand for a robust reporting mechanism becomes increasingly apparent. Voice Reporting in Fortnite emerges as a direct response to this need, empowering players to actively contribute to a more positive and secure gaming atmosphere.

How Voice Reporting in Fortnite Works

Capturing Audio on a Rolling Basis

A key feature of Voice Reporting in Fortnite is its ability to capture the last five minutes of voice chat audio on a rolling basis. This real-time capture ensures that only the most recent interactions are reportable, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of submitted reports.

Secure Storage on User Devices

Concerned about privacy? Worry not. Voice chat audio is securely captured on the user’s device, whether it’s a gaming console or PC, not on Epic Games servers. This design choice ensures player data remains private and only accessible when necessary for reporting purposes.


Submission and Review Process

Submitting a report is a straightforward process. When a player reports a conversation, the voice chat audio from the last five minutes is uploaded with the report, instantly accessible to Epic moderators for review. To maintain transparency, players can check the status of voice reporting in the Sidebar.

VOICE REPORTING IN FORTNITE: Catalyst for a New Epoch in Online Gaming Security 2023

Settings Options for Players Over 18 in Voice Reporting

Enabling and Disabling Voice Reporting in Fortnite

Players aged 18 and over have the flexibility to tailor their voice reporting preferences. Whether they prefer a constant vigilance approach (“Always On”) or want to exercise control (“Off When Possible”), the choice is theirs.

Customizing Preferences

The “Off When Possible” option allows players to turn off voice reporting in parties formed among friends, creating a dynamic gaming experience that adapts to individual preferences. However, voice reporting remains active in Game Channels, fostering a safer environment for all players.

Settings for Players Under 18 in Voice Reporting

Mandatory Voice Reporting for Minors

Recognizing the need for enhanced protection for younger players, voice reporting is mandatory for voice chats involving players under 18. Parents, too, can manage their child’s voice chat permissions through the Epic Account Portal and existing Parental Controls.

Parental Controls

Epic Games understands the importance of parental oversight. Through the Epic Account Portal, parents can seamlessly navigate and customize voice chat permissions, ensuring a gaming environment aligned with their values.

How to Report Using Voice Reporting in Fortnite

Reporting Inappropriate Conduct

Encountered inappropriate conduct during a gaming session? Fear not, reporting is simple. Players can report a conversation in a Party or Game Channel, ensuring swift action against violators of the Community Rules.


Step-by-Step Guide for Voice Reporting

For those unfamiliar with the reporting process, our help article, “How to report bad player behavior in Fortnite,” provides a detailed guide, ensuring that even newcomers can contribute to maintaining a positive gaming community.

Reporter Anonymity in Voice Reporting

Reports are kept confidential, shielding reporters from potential retaliation. This ensures that players feel empowered to report violations without fear, contributing to a more transparent and accountable gaming environment.

Notifying Sanctioned Players Through Voice Reporting

Email Notifications for Voice Reporting

Players subject to enforcement action based on a received report will receive an email detailing the Community Rules violation(s) they’ve been actioned for. This email also provides a link to a site where they can review their case and file an appeal if necessary.

In-Game Notifications for Voice Reporting

For players without an associated email address, information about the action taken will be communicated in-game upon their next login, ensuring that all players are informed of any enforcement action.

Integration with Other Voice Chat Services in Fortnite

While Fortnite’s voice reporting is a powerful tool within the game, it’s essential to note that it cannot be used to report conversations on external chat services such as Discord. The focus remains on cultivating a respectful gaming environment within the Fortnite community.

The Impact of Voice Reporting on Community Dynamics in Fortnite

The introduction of voice reporting marks a significant step towards fostering a positive and inclusive gaming culture. By giving players the tools to actively contribute to a safer community, Fortnite is reaffirming its commitment to providing an enjoyable experience for all.



In conclusion, the introduction of Voice Reporting in Fortnite is a game-changer, empowering players to take an active role in shaping a safer and more enjoyable gaming experience. As we embrace this innovative feature, let’s collectively contribute to building a Fortnite community that thrives on respect, inclusivity, and fairness.


How long is voice chat audio retained in Fortnite?

Voice chat audio submitted for review is auto-deleted after fourteen days or the duration of a sanction, whichever is longer. In the case of an appeal, retention may be extended for up to fourteen days for a thorough review.

Can players under 18 opt-out of voice reporting in Fortnite?

For players under 18, voice reporting is mandatory. However, they can mute themselves or turn off voice chat entirely to avoid having their voice chat audio captured.

How are appeals handled in Fortnite’s voice reporting system?

Players subject to enforcement action can review their case and file an appeal through the provided link in the email notification or the in-game notification.

What happens if a player is falsely reported using voice reporting in Fortnite?

Fortnite takes false reports seriously. If a player believes they were wrongly reported, they have the opportunity to appeal and present their case for further review.

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