The Day Before Game: Unmasking 2023’s Controversial Path

Plagiarism Unmasked: The Day Before Game Troubled Journey

The Day Before Game: A Controversial Journey” delves into the turbulent history of an upcoming zombie apocalypse MMO, marred by delays, legal disputes, and allegations of plagiarism in trailers reminiscent of Cyberpunk, Red Dead Redemption, and Black Ops


The gaming world has been buzzing with controversy, and at the center of it all is “The Day Before Game,” an upcoming zombie apocalypse MMO. In recent news, a well-known YouTuber accused the game of shamelessly imitating trailers from popular open-world titles. However, this accusation is just the tip of the iceberg in a series of disputes that have marred the development of “The Day Before Game.” In this article, we will delve into the allegations of plagiarism and explore the tumultuous history of “The Day Before Game.”

The Rocky Development Journey of The Day Before Game

The saga of “The Day Before Game” began in 2021 when developer Fntastic and publisher Mytona unveiled their ambitious project. Originally slated for a 2022 release, the game’s journey has been marred by multiple delays, leaving many in the gaming community speculating if it might eventually fade into obscurity—an undertaking that never comes around.

The Battle Over the Name

But the challenges did not end with development delays for “The Day Before Game.” Fntastic found itself entangled in a copyright dispute over the game’s name, leading to its delisting from Steam and further uncertainty about its future.


Image Credit : The Day Before

The Accusations of a Scam

The controversies continued to mount as accusations arose, suggesting that “The Day Before Game” might be nothing more than a scam. Such allegations can spell doom for any game’s reputation. As controversies and doubts piled up, the path ahead for “The Day Before Game” appeared to be fraught with obstacles.

The Plagiarism Controversy

The most recent controversy surrounding “The Day Before Game” involves allegations of plagiarism in its promotional material. YouTuber Randomly highlighted striking similarities between “The Day Before Game’s” latest trailer and trailers for some of the gaming industry’s biggest names.( RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 , BLACK OPS , CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 )

Striking Similarities

The accusations of plagiarism extend beyond minor details to encompass key elements of the game’s promotion. The narrations in “The Day Before Game’s” trailer closely mirror those in trailers for Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 5 , Red Dead Redemption 2, and CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077. Script segments overlap, with phrases like “reimagining” the open world showing eerie resemblances.

Word-for-Word Copies

The intensity of the allegations grows as the video progresses, with “The Day Before Game’s” trailer seemingly copying lines almost verbatim from “Red Dead Redemption 2.” Promises of “deep and locking in” battle and “one of a kind qualities” for weapons are basically indistinguishable in the two trailers. Even the visual composition of shots presents a striking resemblance.

Image Credit : Youtube

The Connection to Cyberpunk

The similarities in “The Day Before Game’s” promotional material aren’t limited to one game alone. The allegations extend to “Cyberpunk 2077,” with the narrations in both trailers sharing the same essence. The idea of “the next generation of post-apocalyptic MMO open-world survival games” and the invitation to “immerse yourself” echo across both videos. The visual backdrop of city skylines serves as another common thread.


A Pattern of Copying

This isn’t the first instance where Fntastic, the developer of “The Day Before Game,” has been accused of mimicking other game trailers. Earlier this year, “The Day Before Game’s” trailer appeared to replicate scenes from a “Call of Duty: Black Ops” trailer. The game’s thumbnail for a 2021 gameplay video also bore a striking resemblance to a 2015 screenshot from “Tom Clancy’s The Division.” IGN even noted similarities between “The Day Before Game’s” logo and those used in “The Last of Us” games.


In conclusion, “The Day Before Game” is a game that has been surrounded by controversy throughout its development journey. Accusations of plagiarism in its promotional materials only add to the growing list of issues. With its troubled history and a cloud of doubt hanging over its release, the road ahead for “The Day Before Game” remains uncertain. Gamers and industry observers will undoubtedly continue to watch its progress with keen interest. The controversies surrounding “The Day Before Game” serve as a reminder of the challenges and scrutiny faced by game developers in the modern gaming industry.


What is “The Day Before”?

“The Day Before Game” is an upcoming zombie apocalypse MMO that has garnered attention in the gaming world, albeit for controversial reasons.

Why has “The Day Before ” faced delays in its release?

The game has experienced multiple delays, leaving its release date uncertain. The reasons behind these delays remain undisclosed.

“The Day Before Game” was embroiled in a legal dispute over its name, resulting in the game being removed from the Steam platform.

Are there accusations that “The Day Before ” is a scam?

Yes, there have been allegations that the game might be a scam, which has added to the controversies surrounding it.

What is the most recent controversy regarding “The Day Before Game”?

The latest controversy involves accusations of plagiarism in the game’s promotional material, with striking resemblances to trailers of other popular games.

Have there been previous instances of “The Day Before” copying other game trailers?

Yes, there have been earlier allegations of the game replicating scenes and content from trailers of other well-known games.

What is the current status of “The Game”?

The game’s future remains uncertain, with a cloud of doubt surrounding its release. Gamers and industry observers are closely monitoring its progress.

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