Jio Bharat B1 new 4G Phone: Redefining Affordability and Innovation at ₹1299

Jio Bharat B1 new 4G Phone: Redefining Affordability and Innovation at ₹1299

Introducing the groundbreaking Jio Bharat B1 4G phone, a game-changer in the world of affordable technology. Priced at just ₹1299, this feature phone redefines accessibility, providing seamless connectivity in a cost-effective package


  • Clear Voice Calls: JioBharat offers crystal clear HD voice calls, better than other feature phones.
  • Extensive Coverage: Jio provides network coverage to 99% of India’s population.
  • Entertainment: Enjoy movies and sports highlights with JioCinema.
  • Unlimited Music: Access over 8 crore songs in your language using JioSaavn.
  • Money Transactions: Make UPI payments and receive money on a feature phone for the first time with JioPay.
  • Camera: Capture memories with the phone’s digital rear camera.
  • Language Support: It supports 23 different languages.
  • Preinstalled Apps: JioBharat comes with useful apps like JioCinema, JioPay, and JioSaavn.
  • Phone Specs: Features a 2.4-inch screen, supports up to 128 GB external SD cards, and has a 2000 mAh battery.
Jio Bharat B1 new 4G Phone: Redefining Affordability and Innovation at ₹1299
Image Credit : Jio

jio bharat b1 SPECIFICATIONS

The JioBharat B1 Series stands out with its spacious 2.4-inch big screen, offering an immersive and engaging viewing experience for movies, videos, and sports highlights. The substantial 2000 mAh battery provides uninterrupted usage, ensuring that you stay connected and entertained without frequent recharging.

The JioPay app simplifies financial transactions, empowering users with secure and efficient UPI payments. This phone combines enhanced display, extended power, and streamlined financial capabilities.

jio bharat b1 4g

Yes, the JioBharat B1 phone is a 4G feature phone, which means it is compatible with 4G networks for faster data connectivity and internet access. This allows users to take advantage of faster internet speeds and enjoy various online services and applications that require a 4G network connection.

jio bharat b1 REVIEW

Review: JioBharat B1 Series – Versatile and User-Friendly

The JioBharat B1 PHONE stands out as a practical and accessible mobile device that caters to a variety of user needs. Its most striking feature is the expansive 2.4-inch display.

Which offers a captivating viewing experience for multimedia content, including movies, videos, and sports highlights. This larger screen ensures that users can enjoy their favorite content with clarity and convenience, a key highlight for those who value their entertainment on the go.


This device is a formidable 2000 mAh battery, which guarantees extended usage without the constant need for recharging.

Image Credit : JIO

Whether you’re engaged in conversations, browsing the web, or enjoying multimedia, the B1 Series keeps you connected for longer periods, a critical feature in today’s fast-paced digital world.

The JioPay app simplifies financial transactions through seamless UPI payments. This feature ensures secure and efficient money transfers, making it a practical choice for users who prioritize convenient and secure financial interactions.

The JioBharat B1 Series impresses with its generous display, long-lasting battery, and streamlined UPI payment capabilities.

jio bharat b1 buy online

Purchase the JioBharat B1 phone BUY through various platforms for convenience and accessibility.

  • Buy Jio Bharat B1 from the official Jio Store website.
  • Explore purchasing options on the renowned e-commerce giant, Amazon.
  • Consider acquiring the device through the popular online grocery platform, JioMart.
  • For in-person assistance and availability, visit Reliance Digital stores.

jio bharat b1 PRICE

The JioBharat b1 phone is available at an affordable price of 1299 INR At Amazon , Flipkart , JioStore This budget-friendly option provides a range of features, including a compact display, expandable storage, and essential functions, making it an accessible choice for those seeking a cost-effective mobile device.

jio bharat b1 features

JioBharat B1 supports 23 languages, so you can use it comfortably in your own language. The preinstalled Jio apps like JioCinema, JioPay, and JioSaavn provide you with a wide range of features and services, all within one device.

The JioBharat 4G Keypad Phone B1 comes with a 2.4-inch screen, expandable storage up to 128 GB, and a 2000 mAh battery. It’s available in one colors: BLACK. The phone also supports Bluetooth for added convenience, and you can even use Bluetooth-enabled headsets with it.

Crystal Clear Voice

JioBharat promises an unparalleled voice experience, with HD voice clarity that surpasses all other feature phones. Enjoy conversations that are as crisp and clear as if you were in the same room.

Widest Coverage

Jio’s network presence spans the length and breadth of India, offering a remarkable 99% population coverage. Stay connected, no matter where you are, with this extensive network reach.

Image Credit : Jio

Best Entertainment

For on-the-go entertainment, JioBharat has you covered. Watch your favorite movies and sports highlights on JioCinema, right from your button mobile. It’s your personal cinema wherever you go.

Unlimited Music

With access to over 8 crore songs in your language, JioBharat transforms your phone into a musical powerhouse. Groove to your favorite tunes, discover new tracks, and enjoy an endless stream of melodies.

UPI Payment

Unlock the power of digital transactions with UPI payments on a feature phone for the first time. JioBharat makes sending and receiving money secure and simple, redefining financial convenience.

Phone Camera

Capture life’s moments effortlessly with the phone camera on JioBharat. Preserve memories and everyday experiences, ensuring that no moment goes undocumented.

jio bharat b1 recharge plan

jio bharat b1 recharge plan priced at ₹123 provides customers with remarkable value, offering unlimited voice calls and a total of 14 GB of data. This stands out when compared to other operators’ ₹179 plan, which provides voice calls and only 2GB of data.

Jio’s commitment to delivering cost-effective services continues with the ₹1,234 plan, which includes 0.5 GB of mobile data per day, totaling a substantial 128GB for the duration of the plan’s validity. For users of the Jio Bharat B1 feature phone, these recharge plans offer an affordable and data-rich experience.

jio bharat b1 5g

Jio Bharat B1 is firmly positioned in the 4G market, offering reliable and widespread 4G network support. It’s essential to note that this feature phone does not support 5G technology.

jio bharat b1 vs jio bharat v2

The Jio Bharat B1 stands out with its larger display, superior battery capacity, and video recording capability And 4G Capable . Meanwhile, the Bharat V2 offers 3G network support, providing more versatile connectivity options. Depending on your priorities, both phones offer essential features for your feature phone needs.

Design and Display:
The Jio Bharat B1 and Jio Bharat V2 share a similar design aesthetic, available in Ash Blue and Solo Black. However, there’s a notable difference in display size. The Bharat B1 boasts a larger 2.4-inch screen, providing a more extensive viewing experience, whereas the Bharat V2 features a 1.77-inch display.

Image Credit : Jio ( V2 )

Connectivity and Network:
Both phones are single SIM devices with Nano SIM support and cater to GSM networks. When it comes to network capabilities, they align perfectly with 4G and VoLTE support, ensuring a reliable and fast network experience. However, the Bharat V2 goes a step further with support for 3G networks, enhancing its connectivity options.

Memory and Storage:
In terms of memory and storage, both phones offer 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage, expandable up to 128GB via a microSD card. This ensures you have ample space for your data and multimedia files on both devices.

Jio Bharat B1 new 4G Phone: Redefining Affordability and Innovation at ₹1299
Image Credit : Jio ( B1)

Camera Capabilities:
Both phones come equipped with a basic 0.3MP rear camera, allowing you to capture essential moments. However, the Bharat B1 surpasses the V2 by enabling video recording, enhancing your ability to document life’s experiences.

Battery Power:
The Bharat B1 packs a robust 2000mAh Li-ion battery, ensuring extended usage on a single charge. In contrast, the Bharat V2 is equipped with a 1000mAh Li-ion battery.

Additional Features:
Both phones offer useful features, including UPI Payment, support for multiple languages, preinstalled Jio apps, and FM radio. These features enhance the phones’ utility, making them more than just communication devices.


The JioBharat B1 Series emerges as a versatile and user-friendly choice in the world of feature phones. With its impressive 2.4-inch display, long-lasting 2000 mAh battery, and the convenience of JioPay for seamless UPI transactions, it caters to diverse user needs. Whether you seek clear voice calls, extensive network coverage, or entertainment on-the-go, the JioBharat B1 Series offers a compelling package at an affordable price.


Can I use the JioBharat B1 phone with other SIM cards?

No, the JioBharat B1 phone is designed to be used exclusively with Jio SIM cards.

How do I purchase the JioBharat B1 phone?

You can buy the JioBharat B1 phone from the official Jio Store website, major e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart, or visit Reliance Digital stores for in-person assistance.

What languages does the JioBharat B1 phone support?

The JioBharat B1 phone supports 23 different languages, providing users with a comfortable and localized experience.

Does the JioBharat B1 phone support 5G?

No, the JioBharat B1 phone is a 4G feature phone and does not support 5G technology.

What recharge plans are available for the JioBharat B1 phone?

Jio offers various recharge plans for the JioBharat B1 phone, providing unlimited voice calls and data options. Plans may vary, and users can choose based on their data requirements.

Is the JioBharat B1 phone available in different colors?

Currently, the JioBharat B1 phone is available in Blue color.

Can I record calls on the JioBharat B1 phone?

Yes, the JioBharat B1 phone allows users to record calls, adding an extra layer of functionality to the device.


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