how to walk without walking in pokemon go: Ultimate Guide 2023

how to walk without walking in pokemon go

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm, encouraging trainers to get out and explore their surroundings in search of virtual creatures. However, not everyone can dedicate hours to physical walking or may face challenges that limit their mobility. In this article, we will explore the fascinating concept of “how to walk without walking in pokemon go“. We’ll uncover various strategies, features, and tricks to help you enjoy the game to the fullest without covering miles on foot.

Understanding -How to Walk Without Walking in Pokemon Go

Walking is an integral aspect of Pokemon Go, as it helps in hatching eggs, finding rare Pokemon, and engaging in exciting in-game activities. But what if you want to experience these joys without physically walking?Lets Go we’ll Teach you ” how to walk without walking in pokemon go”

Benefits of Walking in Pokemon Go

Before we delve into alternative methods, let’s briefly touch on the benefits of walking in Pokemon Go. Walking helps you:

  1. Hatch eggs to acquire new Pokemon
  2. Collect candies for powering up and evolving
  3. Encounter wild Pokemon and raid battles
  4. Level up your Trainer and unlock in-game rewards
  5. Challenges in Walking in Pokemon Go

For some players, walking in Pokemon Go is not as straightforward as it seems. Obstacles like physical limitations, busy schedules, or unfavorable weather conditions can make it challenging to walk extensively. That is where elective strategies prove to be useful.

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Exploring “Adventure Sync” Feature

One of the game’s features that allow you to walk without walking is “Adventure Sync.” This incredible tool synchronizes with your mobile device’s health app to track your steps even when the Pokemon Go app is not actively open. It’s an excellent way to accumulate distance without taking a single step.

Adventure Sync” Feature for ” how to walk without walking in pokemon go “

Tricks for Hatching Eggs Without Walking

Hatching eggs is a significant motivation for many players. To achieve this without walking, consider these tricks:

  • Set your phone on a turntable or use a toy train to simulate movement.
  • Activate Incense to attract Pokemon without moving.
  • Use the GPS drift method by standing in a location with unstable GPS signals.

Leveraging Buddy Pokemon

Your Buddy Pokemon can assist you in acquiring candies, even without active walking. Swap your Buddy Pokemon to one that rewards you with candies for merely being your companion.

Using Incubators Strategically

Make the most of your limited-use incubators. Save them for 10km eggs, which yield better rewards. This way, you can maximize your walking distance while using fewer incubators.

Utilizing the “Nearby” Feature

The “Nearby” feature helps you locate Pokemon without extensive walking. Keep an eye on this menu and prioritize tracking down the Pokemon that are closer to your location.

Engaging in Remote Raids

Remote Raids allow you to participate in raid battles from the comfort of your home. You can invite friends to join your raid remotely or take part in public raids from all over the world.By this you can atleast Know about the way ” how to walk without walking in pokemon go ” in Pokémon go

Getting Creative with AR Mode

Pokemon Go’s Augmented Reality (AR) mode can enhance your experience. Experiment with creative AR photos, which can be shared with your friends and on social media.

Tips for Maintaining Battery Life

Walking in Pokemon Go can quickly drain your battery. To conserve power, reduce screen brightness, close background apps, and invest in a portable charger.

Community Feedback and Strategies

The Pokemon Go community is filled with creative and innovative ideas for walking alternatives. Connect with fellow trainers online to share tips and tricks.


In conclusion, “how to walk without walking in pokemon go“. is not just a dream; it’s a possibility. Whether you have physical limitations or just want to experiment with different gameplay styles, these methods and features can help you continue your Pokemon Go adventure.

Unique FAQs

Can I play Pokemon Go without walking at all?

Yes, there are various strategies and in-game features to minimize physical walking.

What is the Adventure Sync feature in Pokemon Go?

Adventure Sync is a feature that tracks your steps even when the app is closed, allowing you to accumulate distance without walking.

How can I hatch eggs without walking in Pokemon Go?

You can use tricks like placing your phone on a turntable or employing Incense to simulate movement.

Are there any benefits to walking in Pokemon Go?

Walking helps in hatching eggs, collecting candies, encountering wild Pokemon, and leveling up your Trainer.

How do I engage in remote raids in Pokemon Go?

You can participate in remote raids by inviting friends or joining public raids from anywhere.

Incorporate these strategies into your Pokemon Go gameplay and enjoy the world of Pokemon without the need for extensive physical walking. Remember to respect the game’s terms of service and community guidelines while experimenting with these alternative methods. Happy gaming!

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