ARCHAX: Tokyo’s $3 Million NEW Robot Marvel by Japanese Innovators

This extraordinary Archax robotic marvel has captivated imaginations worldwide, not only for its striking resemblance to the iconic mobile suits from the legendary Gundam series but also for its astounding $3 million price tag.

A Vision from Science Fiction to Reality

For decades, science fiction has tantalized us with visions of colossal humanoid robots, known as mechs or mobile suits, towering over cities and battling epic foes. One of the most iconic representations of these futuristic giants comes from the renowned Gundam franchise, which has enthralled generations of fans with its tales of mechanized warfare and heroism.

Now, this vision from science fiction is rapidly becoming a reality. A Japanese startup has brought us a step closer to the realm of Gundam with their awe-inspiring creation. This incredible robot stands as a testament to human ingenuity, engineering prowess, and an unwavering commitment to push the boundaries of technological achievement.

The Gundam Connection

The robot’s uncanny resemblance to the Gundam mobile suits is undeniable. With its towering stature, sleek design, and articulated limbs, it is as if a Gundam has stepped out of the animated world and into our own. This intentional homage to Gundam is a nod to the series’ enduring legacy and cultural significance, which spans decades.


The Gundam franchise, created by Yoshiyuki Tomino and Sunrise Inc., debuted in 1979 with the original Mobile Suit Gundam series. Since then, it has evolved into a massive multimedia phenomenon, encompassing numerous anime series, films, video games, and model kits. Gundam’s enduring popularity lies in its compelling narratives, intricate mecha designs, and thought-provoking themes that explore war, conflict, and humanity’s resilience in the face of adversity.

A Price Tag Beyond Imagination

While the Gundam-inspired robot’s (ARCHAX) striking appearance is enough to turn heads, what truly boggles the mind is its staggering price tag of $3 million. This astronomical cost places it far beyond the reach of most individuals and even many organizations. It raises the question: what justifies such a substantial investment in a single robot?

To comprehend the price, one must consider the years of research, development, and engineering that have gone into bringing this vision to life. Building a functioning humanoid robot of this scale and complexity is an endeavor fraught with challenges. It requires cutting-edge materials, precision manufacturing, advanced sensors, and intricate control systems, not to mention a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians.

ARCHAX: Tokyo's $3 Million Robot Marvel by Japanese Innovators
Image Credit : Tsubame -CEO Ryo Yoshida poses for a photograph with ARCHAX

Beyond Entertainment: Real-World Applications

While the Gundam-inspired robot -ARCHAX may seem like the ultimate collector’s item for fans of the franchise, its creators have broader ambitions. They envision practical applications for this technology in various industries, ranging from entertainment and tourism to disaster response and beyond.

The robot’s ability to mimic human movements with such precision opens doors to novel applications. In the entertainment industry, it could be featured in live shows, providing audiences with an unforgettable experience. In tourism, it could serve as an attraction, drawing visitors from far and wide. Moreover, its dexterity and mobility could make it a valuable asset in disaster-stricken areas, assisting in search and rescue missions.

A Symbol of Innovation

In many ways, this Gundam-inspired robot represents Japan’s indomitable spirit of innovation. It pays homage to a beloved cultural icon while pushing the boundaries of technology and engineering. While the $3 million price tag may seem daunting, it is a testament to the incredible effort and resources required to transform science fiction into reality.


As we look toward the future, it’s clear that this remarkable creation is more than just a robot; it’s a symbol of human ingenuity and our unyielding pursuit of the extraordinary. It reminds us that even the most fantastical dreams can become tangible achievements, blurring the line between fiction and reality.

ARCHAX: Tokyo's $3 Million NEW Robot Marvel by Japanese Innovators
Image Credit : Tsubame

Gundam robot

A Gundam robot, commonly known as a “Gundam,” is a fictional giant robotic suit featured in the renowned Japanese anime and manga series, “Mobile Suit Gundam.” These mechanized suits are typically piloted by human characters and are recognized for their humanoid appearance, advanced weaponry, and versatility.

Gundam’s play a central role in the Gundam series, often representing the pinnacle of military technology and serving as symbols of hope and heroism. These powerful robots are known for their unique designs, impressive combat capabilities, and their enduring popularity among fans of science fiction and mecha-themed storytelling.

ARCHAX A Gundam’-Inspired Robot DESIGN

Tsubame Industries‘ 4.5-meter-tall robot, reminiscent of the iconic “Mobile Suit Gundam,” stands as a remarkable feat of design and engineering. Its design reflects a meticulous effort to capture the essence of the beloved anime series while incorporating real-world functionality.

A Striking Resemblance: The robot’s exterior design is a testament to the attention to detail. It closely emulates the appearance of a Gundam mobile suit, with sleek, angular lines and a distinct color palette. Its humanoid form, complete with articulated limbs and a head, immediately draws parallels to the fictional mecha.

Articulated Joints: The robot’s four-wheeled configuration and articulated joints allow for impressive mobility and maneuverability. This design choice enables it to replicate the fluid motions and stances seen in the anime, making it a dynamic and captivating sight.

Functional Components: Beyond aesthetics, the robot’s design incorporates a host of functional components. These include advanced sensors for navigation, balance, and control. The attention to balance is crucial, ensuring that a massive structure like this can move smoothly and maintain stability.

Attention to Safety: Given its towering height and substantial weight, safety is a paramount concern in the design. Safety features are integrated into its structure to prevent accidents during operation, whether in entertainment shows or potential practical applications.

Purposeful Artistry: Tsubame Industries’ design choices extend beyond the realm of entertainment. While paying homage to “Mobile Suit Gundam,” they envision real-world applications for this colossal creation. Its design not only captivates fans but also demonstrates the potential for humanoid robots to play meaningful roles in industries like entertainment, tourism, and emergency response.

ARCHAX: Tokyo's $3 Million Robot Marvel by Japanese Innovators
Image Credit : Tsubame ( inside robot )


Tsubame Industries, a Tokyo-based startup, has introduced an impressive 4.5-meter-tall robot named ARCHAX, drawing inspiration from the beloved Japanese animation series, “Mobile Suit Gundam.” Priced at $3 million, this colossal creation features cockpit monitors, which enable a pilot to control its movements using joysticks.


In the convergence of fiction and reality, ARCHAX, the Gundam-inspired robot from Tsubame Industries, stands as a testament to human innovation and the unyielding spirit of Japan. Paying homage to the iconic Mobile Suit Gundam series, this colossal creation not only captures the imagination but also showcases the limitless possibilities of technology. With a $3 million price tag, ARCHAX is more than a collector’s item; it’s a symbol of Japan’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of engineering and design. As we gaze at this technological marvel, we witness the transformation of a science fiction dream into a tangible reality, opening doors to a future where humanoid robots play meaningful roles in various industries.

FAQs: Decoding the Marvel of ARCHAX

What is ARCHAX?

ARCHAX is a 4.5-meter-tall robot developed by Tsubame Industries, inspired by the iconic Mobile Suit Gundam series. It is designed to emulate the appearance and functionality of Gundam mobile suits.

What is the significance of ARCHAX’s Gundam inspiration?

ARCHAX pays homage to the Gundam franchise, showcasing the enduring cultural impact of Mobile Suit Gundam. The intentional design resemblance serves as a nod to the series’ legacy.

Why does ARCHAX come with a $3 million price tag?

The price reflects the extensive research, development, and engineering involved in creating a functional humanoid robot of this scale. It accounts for cutting-edge materials, advanced technology, and a team of skilled professionals.

What are the real-world applications of ARCHAX?

While ARCHAX appeals to Gundam fans, its creators envision practical applications in entertainment, tourism, and disaster response. Its humanoid form and mobility open doors to diverse uses beyond its aesthetic appeal.

How does ARCHAX ensure safety during operation?

Safety features are integrated into ARCHAX’s design, considering its towering height and substantial weight. These features aim to prevent accidents during operation, prioritizing safety in various applications.

As ARCHAX captures imaginations worldwide, it not only symbolizes the fusion of fiction and reality but also paves the way for a future where giant humanoid robots contribute to our daily lives in unprecedented ways.

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